Member Expo

AEC celebrated its 77th Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 30, 2017. We are thankful for great attendance and a good meeting! In Board of Director races, the election results confirmed a total of 1,133 votes cast in District 3, with Robert Drinnen receiving 462 and Eric Fritz receiving 668. Eric Fritz was declared the winner in District 3. The other uncontested races in Districts 7 & 8 saw Dale Harris and Dale Fain elected by acclamation. AEC appreciates all the support and participation of its members in making this event such a success.

Efficiency tips for outdoor shops and barns

There are many benefits to having an energy efficient outdoor shop or barn. Aside from saving energy, an efficient outdoor building can keep the environment around your structure healthy and safe; save money on your water bill; keep your animals happier and healthier; and save you from costly structural repairs.

Whether you are looking to build a new structure, or make changes to an existing structure, there are many ways you can make your outdoor shop or barn more energy efficient.