AEC - Third Party Contractors in the Area

AEC - Third Party Contractors in the Area

Unfamiliar vehicle in your driveway?  Could be one of our contractors.  AEC is currently working with two independent contractor companies to assist with our workload this year.





Unfamiliar vehicle in your driveway?  Could be one of our contractors.

AEC has hired a third-party contractor, NexGen Utility Solutions, to assist us with a field audit of our metering equipment. This process is designed to enhance reliability and will take place throughout our service area beginning April 1 and running through August.

Technicians will be driving white Nissan Frontier pickup trucks with magnetic door signs that feature the words “Appalachian Electric Cooperative Contractor” in black letters. They will be wearing photo ID badges clearly identifying themselves as AEC contractors. Upon arrival, a technician will come to your door and knock. He will be happy to identify himself and explain what he’s there to do. If there is no answer, he will locate your meter and perform the audit. During this process, your power may be briefly interrupted—typically, for only a few seconds.

This work is the final phase of a multi-year meter audit project designed to meet AEC's needs for the next decade or so. If you have any questions or concerns about someone identifying himself as an AEC contractor, please don't hesitate to call the Co-op at extension 1110.







AEC has contracted with Osmose Utility Services to provide pole inspection services for its distribution lines. Two crews will start on January 30th inspecting the lines in the Indian Ridge area of Grainger County and in the Piedmont and Sandy Ridge areas of Jefferson County. Crews will also be in the Douglas Dam area of Sevier County. Contract crews will have an “Osmose Utilities Services” sign on their vehicle door, as well as an “Appalachian Electric Cooperative Contractor” sign on the side of the truck.  These contractors will also have photo ID cards issues by AEC, indicating that they are contract employees. If members have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our Engineering Department at extension 1037 or 1062. Thank you.

UPDATE: During March the contractor crews will be working in the New Market / Western Jefferson County sections of our member area.

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